Impact Goals

LAFCo targets commercial SMEs and farmer cooperatives that have limited access to working capital, but are able to responsibly repay loans.

LAFCo serves the day-to-day working capital needs of African agricultural businesses and farmer cooperatives, particularly those advancing food security by operating in staple food crop value chains.

Provide Credit

Provide short-term loans and flexible lines of credit to enable agricultural enterprises that work with smallholder farmers to grow and source higher volumes of product from farmers. This in turn creates income generation opportunities for smallholder farmers and actors throughout the value chain.

Social & Economic Impact

Generate social and economic impact for the African agriculture sector, including direct impact on increased employment and increased revenues for SMEs, as well as indirect impact on smallholder farmers through higher and more stable incomes, improved farm productivity, reliable markets, and increased food security.

Demonstrate Viability

Demonstrate the viability of agricultural finance in Africa by generating positive returns for the Facility and its shareholders, servicing a blend of impact and commercial debt, and attracting additional finance to the sector.

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